Mobile Mixed Reality at Stadium Scale

Immerse the sports and events fan beyond the stadium. Augmented Reality on your mobile device.

Mobile Mixed Reality at Stadium Scale

Stadium AR

Let thousand of fans extend the stadium experience with mobile augented reality.
No app required.

Stadium AR is a  groundbreaking augmented reality application designed to elevate the sports stadium experience. It allows the sports fan to place interactive augmented reality sport elements on top of the game field visible through the mobile phone. All of it done the need to download an app.

The first team to take advantage of the game chaning application are the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, They introduced Titans AR, their custom fit version. Which they will be using this entire NFL season.

Mobile world scale augmented reality at your fingertips

Endless possibilities For Any Team and Sponsor

The NFL’s Tennessee Titans, introduced Titans AR, their custom fit version of Stadium AR to their fans this season.

Trigged by a QR code in the stadium, the user is ready go within seconds without the need for an app download.

Titans AR for the NFL team Tennessee Titans in action during the 2023 season at Nissan Stadium.

Augmented Reality support for any sport, arena and brand

Stadium AR works for any sports or concert venue be it ice hockey, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, tennis etc.

Depending where the user is sitting they have a different vantage point and experience of AR activations.

Stadium AR works with different sport venues and surfaces and can be loaded in seconds without an app.

Stadium AR can be leveraged by any team or brand sponsor for any sports and stadium. 

There are limitless possibilities for activations and interactive brand storytelling and effects.

Many possibilities to extend the reality

Stadium AR is set to transform the way fans engage with live sporting events, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Stadium AR changes the game by allowing users to unlock an array of mixed reality content directly through their mobile devices’ web browsers. 


Depending on where the fan is sitting in the stadium they are having a different vantage point and experiencing it at a different angle and can even interact with the stadium.

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Features Highlights

Immerse the sports and events fan beyond the stadium. Augmented Reality on the mobile device allows any fan to access new features. No App download required.

Mobile AR

Augmented reality at stadium scale from any angle. No matter where the user is sitting.

Web Based

Trigger the AR experrience directly with a QR code and can launch in seconds. Without the new of an app download.

Brand Sponsorships

Collaborate with brands and events to use the full potential of this new opportunity.


Give the control to the user and let them trigger and start interactive experiences.

Realistic Effects

Feature realistic Hollywood style effects from pyro, fireworks to characters coming to life.

Track Statistics

Visualize the amount of visitors during the game and usage.

In the media:

Stadium AR allows the user to interact with the stadium environment.

Launched by QR code and downloaded in seconds the user can trigger variations team and brand activations.

How Does It Work?

Using Stadium AR is easy. It loads quickly and guides you through the user journey in seconds.


Scan QR codeScan the QR code at the stadium to launch Stadium AR


Launch AR directlyFollow the instructions and get ready to calibrate


CalibrateJust take a moment to calibrate and you are ready.


Extend RealitySimply press the on screen buttons to launch different AR experiences.

Statistics and Backend control center

Advanced campaign features and engagement feedback.


Let the user take over the action.